fluxus institute
   Graduate Studies Program


Fluxus Institute has devised a pricing schedule that puts the dream of higher education within reach.

Real Value for Your Educational Dollars

At Fluxus Institute we believe that a graduate degree should not cost an artist (or his/her parents) half or more of his or her total future income. Let's face it, it is insane to go ten's of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt with no guarantee that you will ever make a living. In fact, most graduates
will not ever make a reasonable living as an artist since statistics show that less that 5% of graduates are able to work as a full time artist and make a sustainable living as such.

Maybe you want to pay dearly for your art degree, maybe you want the assumed prestige that having such an expensive degree might carry with it. But the fact is, what you are paying for are a lot of over priced buildings, big advertising budgets and lots of hefty salaries and the benefits that go with them to instructors that, themselves can't make a full time living as artists and a bunch of administrators and staff who, let's face it, are just there for the job and to make a successful business off of people like you.

Why get on that tred mill that leads nowhere? Why put yourself under all that stress when you could be a fluxus artist? An MFA from Fluxus Institute puts you in control of your future. The overhead of the Institute is virtually nothing. All the professors already make a living at what they love to do. They are merely making themselves available to you practically as a public service. For this reason we don't offer any goverment grants, student loans or scholorships. Your paying for exactly what you are getting: educational interaction with real working Fluxus artists who walk the walk not just talk the talk.

The Simple Plan:

The simple plan is purely a online/correspondence course. No travel required - work from the privacy of your own home at your own speed in your underwear.

$60.00 application fee included

$125.00 per credit hour - includes everything!

2 year program -
36 credit hours to graduate = $4,375.00 TOTAL*
+ $100.00 for graduation materials

The Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe plan includes at least two and up to four direct one on one apprenticeship style 10 to 30 day workshops working directly with faculty members in their studios in romantic places like Ireland, Germany, Italy, the USA and Canada.
$60.00 application fee included
$200.00 per credit hour
plus cost of transportation, room and board as needed.

2 year program - 36 credit hours to graduate = $7,200.00 TOTAL*
plus cost of transportation, room and board (cost varies depending on itinerary).
+ $100.00 for graduation materials

The Super Deluxe Ph.D
Once you have completed you MFA you may continue your studies for an additional year and, upon the successful completion of your dissertation, receive a Doctor of Phluxus degree.

1 year program  = $8,000.00 TOTAL*
this program will require some travel
plus cost of transportation, room and board (cost varies depending on itinerary).
+ $100.00 for graduation materials

* there may be incidental costs over the course of the program related to the production of fluxus art, some writing and some reading materials. This cost could be close to nothing or it could be extensive depending on the student.

Library Fees: $0.00 - The world is our library!
Medical Services Fees: $0.00 - You're on your own!
Student Union Fees: $0.00 - Who needs a student union?
Student Services Fees: $0.00 - We are self serve!
Information Technology Fees: $0.00 - Buy your own computer!
Identification Card Fees: $0.00 - You already know who you are!
Parking Decal fees:
$0.00Free Parking!

International Education Fees:  $0.00 - We don't care where you live!
Student Recreation Center Fee: $0.00 - We don't have a recreation center!
Cultural Activity Fee: $0.00 - Included!
Student Athletic Fee: $0.00 - Walk around the block if you need exercise!
Student Transportation Fee: $0.00 - No transportation provided!
Student Business Services Fee: $0.00 - Mind to your own business!
Energy Fee: $0.00 -  None provided!
Academic Support Fee: $0.00 - Forget about it!
Student Advising and Comp. Fee: $0.00 - Free advice!
Student Career Services Fee: $0.00 - None provided!
Enrollment Clearance Fee
$0.00 - Get real!
Capital Debt Service Fee: $0.00 - We don't have any debt!
Student Leadership Fee: $0.00 -  Everybody is a leader!