fluxus institute
   Graduate Studies Program


About Fluxus Institute

Fluxus Institute was established to offer an alternative to typical graduate programs in the arts. With a curriculum developed and taught by practicing contemporary international Fluxus artists, Fluxus Institute seeks to provide the student with the resources needed to allow the fledgling fluxmaster to work with confidence and to participate in the global Fluxus art scene.

Fluxus Institute offers a MFA degree - Master of Fluxus Arts. The student who completes the
curriculum will be well founded in the theory and practice of Fluxus and have established all the key connections needed to participate in and orchestrate international Fluxus events. The graduate will also have a firm grasp of Fluxus Theory and Attitude as well as mastery over a proven body of techniques and best practices.

Fluxus Institute also offers a PhD program for those who just can't get enough.

The Fluxus Institute is accredited by the International Post Dogmatist Group's prestigious Department of Approval: Office of Accreditation.

About Accreditation

Many schools seek accreditation from various accreditation giving groups. These groups are supposedly set up to insure that schools meet whatever standards they set in place. For this service they charge schools thousands of dollars per year (and you know who's pockets that comes out of). In exchange the schools have an added perception of credibility to prospective students, charge more money for tuition and quality for government programs such as grants and loans.

In Fluxus we couldn't care less about accreditation giving groups. Who are they to approve us? As far we are conserned, nobody! The only appoval we need is from the Department of Approval. We are proud to be the only educational institution to ever be approved by the International Post Dogmatist Group. They even made a special Office of Accreditation just for the occasion.