fluxus institute
   Graduate Studies Program


The Program

The Fluxus Institute program is based on the established practices typical of Fluxus: creativity, innovation, minimalism, frugality, correspondence, documentation, instructions, scores and performance.

The student will work closely with all faculty members who will provide the student with materials and projects to be completed. Works created in the fulfillment of the student's program of studies will be the shared property of  the Fluxnexus with an open copyright so that any member of the Fluxus community may perform it or that the work may otherwise benefit the Fluxus community. Such works will be archived at the Fluxmuseum, exhibited online and used for future study and exhibition or performance. In this way the student will build an impressive resume by the time of graduation.

The student will be be given the opportunity to participate in various sorts of international performances, exhibitions, publications and other important events as a part of the fulfillment of the program. The student will also develop contact and interact with hundreds of international artists. In this way the student will be exposed to many different working styles and philosophies.