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Specialties: collage/assemblage, professional practices, poetics, intermedia, museum studies
Cecil Touchon is a highly regarded painter represented in top contemporary art galleries around the United States and widely collected internationally. He is also known as a collage artist, curator, visual poet, publisher and composer.

Professor Touchon's official website
Contact: cecil_touchon@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: mail art, printmaking
Reed Altemus is a prominent mail artist and founder of Toner Works - a publishing concern that publishes portfolios of copier art by contemporary artists. Professor Altemus has one of the most extensive archives of copier art  in the world.

Reed Altemus was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1961. He currently lives in Portland, Maine.

He had been educated in literature (BA English 1985), and is self-taught in art. Formerly a musician, he started mail-art in 1989 through The Texas magazine of Daniel Plunkett. He experimented with visual art, xerography, rubber stamps, and other forms of communication. He met Carlo Pittore, an influence who became a friend until his death in 2005. Through him met Bern Porter.

In 1991 he discovered email at university and applied it to art networking immediately. He worked for the internet art journal FineArt Forum (National Science Foundation) for two years as database moderator and compiled a list of Internet Art Resources, at the time the most comprehensive of its kind (only one before had been compiled by Bob Gale). In 1992 he compiled an International Descriptive Bibliography of Copy Art. But he even continued to do mail art along with the research. In 1996 he began working in xerography exclusively and developed a small oeuvre between 1996 and 2006. He still does works in xerography on occasion.

In 2006 he realized that the technology was changing, providing fewer and fewer opportunities for the kinds of interventions he had developed, and so he began to turn towards working with the computer, (Corel Draw and Photoshop), which became and remain the main tools up to the present.

He continuously does mail-art, printed matter and electronic networking via email, FaceBook, other platforms.
Professor Altemus's blog

Specialties: photography, artistamps, copier art, artist books, mail art and Fluxus performance
Ginny Lloyd is a prominent photographer and artist. She is founder of Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum - a museum collection of artists made stamps. Professor Lloyd has one of the most extensive archives of artistamp art in the world. She authors one of a kind and multiple artist made books. She frequently performs Space Exploration themed performances and organizes Fluxus events. She is a well known expert on copier art and mail art in the 80’s in the US and Europe, frequently lecturing on the topics.

Professor Lloyd’s Web site is www.ginnyonline.com  She blogs at ginnylloyd.blogspot.com and at artistampmuseum.blogspot.com
Contact: ginny_lloyd@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: small press, publishing, screen printing, limited editions, book making, mail art

Francis Van Maele is founder of Editions Phi in 1980 in Luxembourg and of Redfoxpress in Ireland in 2000, with a base in South Korea as well. He publishes screenprinted limited editions and artists' books with his partner
Antic-Ham under the name of Franticham.
In 2007 he launched a new successful collection "c'est mon dada" of visual poetry from all over the world, publishing 10 titles a year. He is active in mail art since the nineties.
web: http://www.redfoxpress.com
blog: http://franticham.blogspot.com/

Specialties: performance, happenings, events, installation, intervention

Neil Horsky is an interdisciplinary community artist and resident of Roslindale, MA. He practices an instruction-based approach, informed by the Fluxus Event Score art form, that removes the necessity for traditional artistic skill from the creative process, and stresses ideas and play over end products. Through inclusive and inviting participatory projects, utilizing activities such as drawing, collage, poetry, games, music, social intervention, and urban exploration and mapping, he harnesses the inherent individual and collective creativity of participants to promote dialogue, learning, cooperation and change. His projects address a variety of issues including local history and the urban built environment, diversity and multiculturalism, and environmental and community stewardship.

Contact: neil_horsky@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: mail art, printmaking,

Litsa Spathi is a painter, performer and Fluxus artist, currently living in Heidelberg, Germany and Breda, Netherlands. She makes collages, objectbooks, fluxus poetry and large acrylic paintings.  In 2003 she founded together with Ruud Janssen the Fluxus Heidelberg Center in which they publish their work.
Litsa Spathi's blog
Contact: litsa_spathi@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: Visual Poetry, Artist Books, Mail Art

Christine Tarantino / Words of Light has been active in mail art and publishing since 1990. Her “strong and beautiful” work is highly regarded and she regularly exhibits artist books and mail art throughout the world. She was a scholarship recipient of Women’s Studio Workshop Summer Arts Institue, New York, and named a finalist for the Library Fellows Program, National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Tarantino holds two teaching certificates and was awarded the Diane Goguen Memorial Honor for teaching excellence. Born in New York City, she currently resides in western Massachusetts.




Specialties: printmaking, mail art, international relations, contemporary art history

Ruud Janssen publishes articles, magazines and booklets with his TAM-Publications and participates in international mail art projects, collaborations and exhibitions. He founded IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) in 1988 and is also the curator of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive, the result of a Mail Art collection that has been accumulated by him from 1983 till now. The archive contains prints, original rubberstamps, magazines and literature. It is the longest time a mail art project has run ever (details see link to latest online catalogue). In 1994 he started with his Mail-interviews which have been published as booklets and online. The interviews have a new concept where the question is sent in a specific communication form and the interviewed person chooses his own way to get the answer back. This way the factor time is involved in each specific interview. Samples of interviewed persons are: Ray Johnson, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, Anna Banana, Mark Bloch, Patricia Tavenner, Michael Leigh, Alison Knowles and Guy Bleus.
Professor Janssen's website
Contact: ruud_janssen@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: history of fluxus, museum studies, rubber stamps, mai-art
Picasso Gaglione

Specialties:  Intermedia Theory and Practice

Born 1956 in Toronto, Canada
Studied art at the University of Toronto, the Ontario College of Art, and the Jerusalem Printmaking Workshop.

Graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education with a Master of Education (MEd) degree.

Work has been exhibited in group shows in Toronto. Art is in several private and public collections worldwide. Poetry has appeared in the collections of small press publications. Art and poetry books are published under the Fluxus Free Zone imprint and are available at http://stores.lulu.com/revich and on Amazon.com

Contact: allan_revich@fluxusinstitute.org

Specialties: printmaking, small press publishing, mail art, archival studies, contemporary art history

John M. Bennett is an American author and artist whose work, has made a significant contribution to the world of innovative poetry. Born in Chicago, Bennett received his B.A. and M.A. from Washington University and his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1970. He taught Hispanic literature from 1969 to 1976 at Ohio State University. 

Bennett is the author of numerous books of poetry, all published by small presses, including Luna Bisonta Prods, his own press. Much of his poetry relies upon the visual experience of the poem for its effect.  He is also one of a growing number of poets and artists who have made innovative use of inexpensive mimeographic and xerographic processes. Luna Bisonta Prods, which he founded in 1976, publishes a variety of printed pieces, including broadsides, rubber stamp art, labels, and stickers. Since 1975, Bennett has also produced the Lost and Found Times

Dr. Bennett's website

Specialties: experimental literature, events / happenings / scores, mail art.

Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Tijuana, 1974 

Writer and conceptual artist closely tie to the Fluxus movement. She has published “Equilibrios”, 1992, “Intrucciones para cocinar”,2001, “Los Demonios de la Casa Mayor”, 2002, “Los Impersonales”, 2002 and “25 ScoreS 25”, 2009, and colaborated in several anthologies, magazines and newspapers across Mexico, the US, Canada, Portugal, Spain, France, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries.  

Cofounder of AVTEXTFEST and AVTEXTPRESS projects. Directed A.V. TEXT FEST for eight consecutive years,  being this the second largest experimental literature festival on the American Continent. She has curated, exhibited, performed, and done residencies, as well as interventions, in: Mexico, United States, Cuba, Spain, France and Italy; and the universities of Georgia State, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, San Diego State, National University, South West and La Habana. 

Padilla Maltos holds a degree in International Affairs, a Masters in Marketing. Has coordinated creative writing and experimental literature workshops.  

Her work is extremely wide ranging and goes from collage and the reinvention of performances and classic metadramas, to the exploration of visual narratives parallel to literary and polital texts, as well as the explorations of the body’s sense in contemporary societies. 

She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Contact: bibiana_padilla_maltos@fluxusinstitute.org

A St. Louis based artist, he has been working in print, objects, performance, mail art and xerography since the late 70's.

Professor Buchholz's Blog
Contact: keith_buchholz@fluxusinstitute.org

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